Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today's Laugh

The real meaning of plant-catalog terminology (from the Garden Digest website):

"A favorite of birds" means to avoid planting near cars, sidewalks, or clotheslines.

"Grows more beautiful each year" means "Looks like roadkill for the foreseeable future."

"Zone 5 with protection" is a variation on the phrase "Russian roulette."

"May require support" means your daughter's engineering degree will finally pay off.

"Moisture-loving" plants are ideal for landscaping all your bogs and swamps.

"Carefree" refers more to the plant's attitude than to your workload.

"Vigorous" is code for "has a Napoleonic compulsion to take over the world."

"Grandma's Favorite" -- until she discovered free-flowering, disease-resistant hybrids.

1 comment:

  1. "tolerates drought" = spreads quickly, impervious even to to Round-Up. I always laugh when a catalog has snow-on-the-mountain for sale; my parents have been trying to get rid of theirs for 13 years. My dad's even poured used motor oil on it, to no avail. He finally took a butane torch to it.