Saturday, August 06, 2011

Orthaheel Loss

Back when I was buying my fancy-schmancy prescription orthotic inserts, they also sold me Orthaheel flipflops. I can wear them during summer to keep my feet cool and aired, and there is no pressure whatsoever on bunions ... because they're flipflops! My Orthaheels are the most comfortable thing I own, even better than my prescription inserts.

On Wednesday, I ruined them.

It was so sad. I usually put on my work-shoes in the parking lot at work, leaving my comfy shoes (whether the Orthaheels or the tennies-plus-inserts) in the car, to pop back onto my feet as soon as my work-day is finished. I don't know what was different on Wednesday than any of those other summer days, some of which were even hotter. The windows were rolled down in the car. Maybe this problem on Wednesday was that my Orthaheels were on the seat instead of the floor, and the sun could hit them directly?? Whatever it was, the inner sole shrank. It shrank so badly that it pulled itself away from the outer sole so that they weren't fully connected to each other.

Moral of the story: do NOT put your beloved Orthaheels in a place where they will be heated.

I'd heard the same thing about CD's and audio-tapes in hot cars during summer: they'll get ruined. But I want to listen to my music. During those wicked-hot days a few weeks ago, I ruined one song on a Kantorei CD -- the song that was on "play" when I turned off the car in the bank parking lot. A whole day of heat, and that song was shot. I don't know why just the one song, but that's what happened.

I've got to learn to be more careful of what's tucked into my vehicle on hot summer days.

(I was pleased with Zappo's. When I discovered that my podiatrist did not have Orthaheels currently available, I ordered online. The box arrived in less than 24 hours. Wow! I was disappointed to find that someone had inadvertently put the wrong size into the right-sized box. That wasn't Zappo's fault; it was probably a customer goof-up. So I'm still waiting for my beloved flipflops. Nevertheless, Zappo's service in phenomenal.)

A Good Thing About Homeschooling

Our church's school is wonderful. If it had been nearby and available when my kids were little, I would have had a hard time deciding between the benefits of the school versus the different benefits of homeschooling. But I gotta say, there is one awesome thing about homeschooling.

My kids like each other.

I don't know that it was necessarily homeschooling that "did it." I think our living in places where there weren't neighborhood friends available played into the mix. I think not starting out siblinghood with a long absence from Mommy (with the obstetric hospital stay) probably had an effect. I remember my mom commenting, way back when there were only four kids, about how nicely they got along and how little sibling rivalry there was. She said it was probably because they HAD to get along -- who else did they have to play with?? And there's some truth to that. I remember coming down hard on the rare squabbling; I don't know how I did it, but I didn't permit them to not get along.

And they like each other. They choose to spend time with each other. They look forward to seeing each other.

One of the greatest gifts my kids have ever given me is that they like their brothers and sisters! What joy to a mother! Thank you, Rachel, Philip, Katie, Paul, Andrew, and Maggie. You make me happy to be your mom.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Five Years

And the two shall become one flesh
(or one flesh, and then one flesh again,
because I see two cute, laughing girls here)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Preserving a Christian Home

An excellent speech by Dort Preus. (It's written, not audio. It's not a quickie-read, but it's lovely enough that the time reading it is worth it.)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

King James Version

Amazing! Sitting here next to me, at my mom's house, is the Bible my aunt gave my mom when she was 18. No copyright page. No listing of what version it is. No publication date. No publisher listed. Just the Bible. Period.

It seems very weird today.
But there are some excellent things about having one version that everybody knew and shared!