Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Can't Stay Clean

Maggie mopped the kitchen floor while I was gone yesterday.

I came home.  Kitty jumped into my lap.  I [shhh!  shhhh!] requested someone to sneak a pair of scissors over to me.  I trimmed knots and lumps out of kitty's fur.  I was careful with gathering the clumps, but still ... it's a hair-trim.  Little bits of fur scattered and drifted.

We don't have toddlers living here.  This must be our version of the rule that milk MUST be spilled on a freshly mopped floor within 17 minutes of the mop drying.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Twelve Minutes

Grandkids were dropped off here on Monday morning.  Katie told me what she'd brought for food and gave me a list of phone numbers. 

No sooner had Mommy and Daddy left than Alia (6 yrs old) tells me that she NeeEEEeeeds a peanut-butter-&-Nutella sandwich.  "It's been TWELVE minutes since I ate breakfast, Nanna.  I am SOooooo hungry!" 

"Twelve minutes?!  Oh my.  Really?!"

"Yes, Nanna.  Twellllve minutes.  I neeeEEEeeed a sandwich!!"   This is, of course, accompanied by elaborate gestures and vocalizations of one nigh onto dying of starvation.

After a bit of this [ahem] bantering, I leave for a minute or so to help Zoe with something.  I come back to the kitchen, and Alia dives in again.  "It's been TWELVE minutes since I ate.  I neeEEEeeed food, Nanna!  I neeEEEEeeed a Nutella sandwich!" 

Please understand that it takes about 7 minutes to drive from their home to ours.  They'd been here for a few minutes already.  Doing a fairly good job of hiding my desire to laugh, I told Alia, "You know, sweetie, twelve minutes ago, I think your parents were already locking the door of your apartment and you were headed down the stairs and out to the car.  I'm not so sure of your timetable on all this." 

A moment of regrouping.

"Nanna, it's been THIRrrrrTEEeeN minutes since I ate.  I'm starving!!  I neeEEEeeed a peanut-butter-&-Nutella sandwich."


Not blogging.  Missing it.

A couple of big snows.  I think we finally (!) have all the snow removed. 

Taxes finished.  Woo hoo!

Maggie's pneumonia is gone.  Colds and general illness in the house aren't plaguing us at the moment.

Babysitting kids more than normal. 

Trying to catch up on schoolwork that was neglected during Dec/Jan illnesses.

Big news: another grandchild on the way.  Yee haw!

New glasses weren't adjusted right and my eyes were all googly-weird until I drove back to the optometrist (wearing the old glasses) a few days later.  Nice to be able to see again.

Book I'm reading is harder than anything I've read since pre-stroke.  But I'm enjoying it.  Biographies of Chinese women in the 1900s.

Starting this week, my work schedule is increasing two hours a week.  May not sound like much to you, but it seems like a humongous step to me.  Also, I have a follow-up with the neurologist soon.

Looked at a house in town this past weekend, thinking a move would give Maggie access to places (church, library, grocery store, pharmacy, doctor, gym, park, possible jobs, etc) without being chauffeured.  Some extra freedom for her.  But the house, a duplex, wasn't okay.  And we have some serious reserves about moving into the village anyway.  At least, the condition of the house made for a no-brainer decision!