Friday, January 14, 2011

Been Busy

Phew -- it's not pneumonia or bronchitis. Just a sinus infection. Maggie has been sick for four weeks. No fever the whole time. But it definitely took a turn for the worse this week! Saw the doctor last night, and I'm now thinking that if I'd been home to nag her into using the neti-pot multiple times daily (or if she'd been responsible about using it as I told her to) (or if I hadn't assumed that she obeyed when I did nag her) this wouldn't have developed into the sinus infection. She has plans to do better today. She also has drugs in case it's bacterial. The coughing has been unbelievable, but yesterday was a wee bit better than Wednesday, so I hope we're headed in the right direction.

My drawer has been balancing at work. Hooray! Making fewer mistakes. I still feel bad for the customers who come to me with transactions that I'm not 'smooth with' yet, so that they have a sloooow teller. Some of them are fine with it; others get a tad impatient. But I foresee a day when I will no longer be struggling. I don't know how far away that day is, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere.

Computer parts have arrived. I hope when the new computer (motherboard and processor) is put together with the old appendages (hard drive, video card, etc) we find that I haven't lost too many functional pieces and that my documents and photos are still there. I did back-up (woo hoo!) the week before the computer was fried, but it would be nice if I didn't have to go to the trouble to restore everything.

Andrew and I haven't had clashing work schedules since the car died, so he's only had to chauffeur me to work one day so far. I wonder how long we'll continue to luck into this?

Naughty kitty has been chewing through cords again. What IS it with her? She destroyed Andrew's phone charger two days ago, and she chewed through Gary's headphone cord yesterday.

On the final stretch of editing Catechist edition. I discovered yesterday (on my second pass over some devotional material) that I am not so thorough with my proofreading on my lunch breaks at work as I should be. I can't be as good a proofreader when I'm reading with my eyes alone instead of while my mouth is reading the sentences aloud. Theology is supposed to be oral/aural, isn't it?

Off to shovel snow and put supper in the crockpot before work. Looking forward to a healthy kid, a repaired computer, a car for Andrew --and thus a less hectic life-- in another couple of weeks!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OUR Father

At Didache last night, Pastor said something he's said a gazillion times before. But I never remember it until he's in the midst of bringing it up in class again.

When we pray "Our Father who art in heaven," the "our" does not refer merely to all us Christians throughout the whole world and throughout all history, joined in prayer. It refers also (and especially) to the Father being Jesus' Father and our Father.

So when we pray the Lord's Prayer, why don't I ever think of that?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Today's Laugh

Sign seen today outside a church:

Bi-lingual Pentecostal services.

(C'mon. Think about that...)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Not Much ...

Nothing has been done toward car shopping or computer replacement. That's a little stressful.

Lots of editing to cram in this week and next.

Went to the company Christmas party today so that Gary could meet the people I work with, the ones who trained me, and the people who were in training with me. Tasty brunch. Pleasant enough company. But staying for second service (with choir) would have been far more refreshing and comforting.

Maggie's EKG on Thursday (her annual cardiology check-up) showed up some quirks. She came home from the appt on the 24-hour heart monitor. Waiting to hear results. Doctor also suggested we contact our family doctor to put us in contact with an immunologist. Maggie hasn't seen an immunologist since she was about 18 months old, and the results then were inconclusive. We realized Thursday evening that her apparent improvement in immune function in her early teens was probably not actual improvement but less exposure to germs; since she joined the academy's choir in Sept 09 she has suffered more illness.

I have a long way to go to become decent at my new job, but at least I'm making headway.

Yesterday's haircut revealed that my recent bad-hair days are not due to excessive length, but due to texture changes and far too much hair loss over the last couple of months.

Back to editing ...