Friday, August 23, 2013

Don't Be So Judgmental

Sodom and Gomorrah.
The angels came to check out the place.  Lot saw them and invited them to stay at his house.  When they said, "Thanks, but no thanks, we'll camp out here," Lot wouldn't allow it.   When Lot would not allow his guests to be raped by the villagers who were banging on the door of his house, but offered his daughters instead, the men were hacked off (Genesis 19).  And what did they say?

"This one came in to stay here, and he keeps acting as a judge."

THAT is being judgmental?  

This Lot dude doesn't participate in their activities.  And he doesn't turn his guests over for abuse.  And their response is "he keeps acting as a judge."

Wow.  It doesn't take much to be labeled judgmental, does it?

You don't even have to say anything negative.  You don't have to scold.  You don't have to preach.  "Judgmental" is seen simply by not making the same choices that they do.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Don't Be So Judgmental

So.  Apparently I was the troll yesterday.

A friend linked to a blogpost which kind of surprised me.  When I read it, I thought that some of the things we discussed last week at VBS were entirely pertinent and affirming and comforting.  So I made a brief comment, even though I didn't know the blog writer.

Dang it.  Never post comments when the discussion is with strangers.  I know that!  Why did I have a lapse today?

Oh, right -- I thought I had something encouraging to say.  But I was wrong wrong wrong, you see.  It's bad of the Church to extol marriage, you see, because it makes singles feel like second-class Christians.  We shouldn't be promoting marriage, you see, because what is truly important is love and community.  If that comes in marriage, fine, but there are plenty of friendships and couple-situations that are just as important as marriage.

And when I was foolish enough to mention what God's word SAYS about the blessing of marriage and how it reflects the image of God, that was naughty of me.   Bible verses are no help for people who are suffering, you see.  (???)  My experience and your experience count for something, you see, and let's not clutter what we know with old-fashioned stuff like God's word. 

Not only that, but even when I mentioned a Savior who forgives and rescues sinners, that was naughty too. 

This is what passes for Christianity?
This is how irrelevant Christians think God's word is?
We care more about hurt feelings than we care what God says?
Heaven forbid anyone talk about forgiveness, as that might imply sin.

It kind of shocks you to say something supportive and comforting and loving, and get smacked down for being a meanie. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Time to Dig Potatoes

Ouch!  Shhhh: don't tell the bees and wasps where I am.  I'm hiding indoors, behind screens, waiting for them to chill out.  One little sting and two humongous stings/bites, and I'm a little worried about finishing the potato-digging.  Those angry fellows and their stingers had a ground hive (of which I was unaware until 10 minutes ago!) in my compost pile masquerading as a potato patch.

Apparently, I should have dug potatoes sooner.  Next year, Susan, do not wait until the vines dry up.  Go out and dig when the potato vines BEGIN to wither and dry.  This year, the red potatoes did okay.  [Rachel, Rachel: warning.  Do not swoon or puke at the rest of this paragraph.]  The Yukon Gold, however, with their tenderness and their thin skins, were a feast for the centipedes.  Yuck yuck yuck.  I did keep some that were unmolested.  But it was icky to dig in a spot where there should've been several potatoes and find only a swarm of fat centipedes.  Or to pull out three nice potatoes with a couple of slimy ones that were half eaten.  Next year, be earlier!!

About a month after planting potatoes this year, I had a huge pile of wood ash from the burn pit.  I spread it on half the potato patch, not knowing whether I was helping or hurting.  It was mind-boggling to see how the potato plants thrived where the ashes had been added to the compost pile.  But would the huge showy greenery mean lots of top and not much potato growing underneath?  Turned out there wasn't much difference between the two sections of the patch.  If anything, I think maybe the end with the ashes resulted in more food for the table. 

Well, time to head outside and see if I can finish the task.  But this time, I know what I'm up against.  I expect to disturb the wasp nest and make a run for it!   And if that doesn't work, I suppose the centipedes will enjoy the rest of my potatoes.