Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pat the Chicken

I keep running across these recipes that say, "Pat the chicken dry with paper towels," and then the instructions go on to tell about spices or frying or whatever.  I never quite saw the necessity of that.  I often soak my chicken parts in water for hours before cooking, so yes, then I will [usually] pat it dry.  But not always.

Last week, in a rush for lunch, I bought chicken tenderloins -- little strips of skinless, boneless breast meat.  Mushrooms were on sale at Aldi super-cheap, and I had my heart set on some delectable Chicken Marsala.  I dredged the chicken strips in seasoned flour.  When I set them into the thin layer of hot oil, ... uh ... the oil ... uh ... exploded.  Most of the burns are decently healing over, but my left wrist is still a mess of raw skin.

My guess is that the moisture in the chicken was the problem.  From now on, I'll pat the chicken dry! That's lesson #1.

Lesson #2?  I must remember that a burn should be patted dry before the aloe application.  I pulled my arm out from under the cold faucet and started rubbing on aloe.  But it was diluted by the water all over my arm, and thus not as effective as usual.

By the way, that Chicken Marsala was amaAAAzing.

Happy Things

Pretty dishes.

Not only are they cheery, but they drip-dry super-fast in the dish-drainer.  I can let them air-dry and put them away 30-60 minutes later.

And they're relatively light-weight and easy to carry and lift into the cupboard.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

With the Critters Too

After the Flood, God promised that He would never again destroy the earth with water (Genesis 9).  Interestingly, the promise was not made merely to Noah, or to Noah's family, or to all people forever.  The promise was made to every living creature. 

Did the animals understand this?  Did their brains intellectually comprehend this?  Of course not.  But the promise is valid nonetheless.

This is comforting to know.  Sometimes I think of how little I understand of God's Word.  But His promises are good and true and will most certainly come to pass regardless of my understanding.  And His promises are efficacious for infants who are too little to understand.  And for elderly people who are afflicted with senility.  And for the mentally ill who have lost touch with reality.  And for the comatose.  It is good to understand God's Word, to meditate upon it, to cherish it.  But when we can't, when we don't, He is faithful for He cannot deny Himself.

Happy Things

Going out for a beer after choir. 

Now and then, several of us go to a nearby bar/restaurant and talk and laugh.  Last night, instead of beer, I got a Captain Morgan and Coke.  It was the Wednesday special and was cheap.  Mmmm.

Happy time.  Happy tastebuds.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Things


I love these books.  This woman is a fabulous author.  Nothing hard and ugly.  But neither is it unrealistic.  Just nice stories.  I'm glad there are so many in the series.

I hadn't stayed up reading past midnight in years.  And she pulled me right in.


To the Mall

This weekend a fantastic idea came to me about a few Christmas gifts.  So yesterday Maggie and I went to the mall to buy them. 

It felt weird.
I realized that I haven't been in a mall since we moved nearly six years ago.  (At least, I don't think so.)

In other matters, I began a craft project which will be a Christmas project.  I really want to do this.  It will be FUN.  And comforting.  But I'm also leery about what this will do to my time available for other projects.  You know -- "projects."  Like making supper.  Or reading schoolwork with Maggie.  Or doing house repairs.  Or doing laundry.  Or vacuuming.  "Projects."

One of those projects --cooking-- has been receiving more attention recently.  For so many months I've relegated cooking to the bare necessities: get some calories into us and wash the dishes.  I'm ready for some tasty food.  And man, oh man, the food here has been delicious the past week.  The refrigerator is full of awesome leftovers.  And I have a day ahead of cooking Soft Foods for someone who's having oral surgery tomorrow.  Tonight is chicken and dumplings.  And hotfresh bread.  Mmmm.

Also in other matters, we attended APT's Antony and Cleopatra this past weekend.  I wasn't impressed.  When we saw the play several years ago, it seemed more of a history.  This time it seemed to celebrate the immoral relationship between the title characters.  I wish we hadn't gone.  And I don't know that I've ever thought that before. 

Last week was the week-of-crazy.  All sorts of wonderful things to do.  Now it's catch-up time.  Back to my stove....

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Things

A visit from a friend I see, oh, about once a year or less since we moved.

I squealed and bounced up and down when her email arrived, asking about a visit.

(Oh, and then Pastor went and talked during Bible class --which she attended-- about how the love of Jesus unites us, and makes those friendships-in-the-Lord so dear and special, like there's never a disruption, even when years pass between visits.)

And I love it that she always suggests playing a hymn and singing together before she leaves.