Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back to Work

Monday was my first day back at my paid-job.  Instead of a 10-hour day, my supervisors started me on 4-hour days.  By closing time, I wasn't as tired as I'd expected.  I was, however, surprised that my arachnoiditis flared up as badly as it did.

In spring I hadn't planned to take off time for the wedding this weekend.  But after my hospital trip, I can't push myself and cram loads of activities into a day, thinking, "Oh, it'll work out; this is important; I'll just take it easy the next week."  So I worked yesterday instead.  That way Friday has "only" the rehearsal dinner, and Saturday has "only" the wedding.   After two hours at work, again, the arachnoiditis began to flare up.  I took pain-killers before work and a different pain-killer two hours into my shift.  It still hurt.  This better improve.  If I have to take enough pain-killer to overcome the pain, I'm going to be too doped up to count money. 

Now to figure out:  Does "tiredness" necessarily show itself as sleepiness and a weariness with a desire to lie down?  Or might "tiredness" manifest itself as nerve pain, headaches, throbbing, and a rash?

I keep reminding myself that I have been healing and improving rapidly.  Maybe the nerve pain and the tiredness will improve right along with everything else.  I ought not expect that my body's response to my job will be the same in 3-4 weeks as it is now.

As for doing the job itself, things are fine.  I remember nearly everything.  The tricky parts are the new procedures that developed while I was gone, that everyone else took in stride a bit at a time so that they don't realize, "Hey, Susan, we do that differently now" until I do it the old way.  But those will be worked out a bit at a time until I'm up-to-speed.

It's nice to see old customers, especially when the "regulars" missed me.

Kitty Is Still Alive

On Tuesday night I was saying my goodbyes, not expecting her to make it through the night.

Tuesday afternoon, Athena had a spell.  She was too weak to stand.  Her eyeballs were flipping back and forth in their sockets.  She howled piteously.  We soothed and petted and comforted.  When she felt strong enough to try to walk, she wobbled.  She allowed herself to be held and petted some more.  When we finally permitted her to go outside, she found a secure spot under the deck and curled up there for two hours.  The noise of a small engine moved her to the other side of the house to seek refuge under the back side of a hosta.  She lay there without moving for four more hours.  She took a little walk, and then she allowed herself to be carried indoors for more cuddling.  She curled up behind the sofa and spent the night and half the next morning. 

Then she slowly began to improve.

Best guess?  When I woke up Tuesday morning, the smell of poison was wafting through the windows.  I think a neighbor's lawn service had come and treated the grass quite early.  Maybe Athena walked through their lawn and ingested the poison when she cleaned herself.  Maybe she ate a mouse whose belly-fur was covered with the poison.

Whatever it was, she's on the mend.  And I'm glad I can be happy at Andrew's wedding instead of crying about my kitty.