Saturday, May 25, 2013


The dress I bought for the wedding could use some slight alterations.  When I sat down to tackle that, it didn't work out as planned.  And I couldn't put the dress back as it had been before, because the sewing-machine needle had put some snags in the fabric.  Wasted money; wasted time.

Twice last week I tried renting a tiller.  It didn't work.  The first time I didn't even get it home and had to change plans for the day.  The second time, I brought it home, tilled about 6', and then it stopped and refused to restart.  Therefore, everything that's been done in the garden has been done with a hand spade.  Suffice it to say, the work is not yet done.  And there was lots of unnecessary running back and forth to town.

Very little of what I've planted in the garden has germinated.  One batch of greens and herbs was planted 10 days ago, the other batch four weeks ago.  Several heads of romaine have gotten to be 2" tall.  That's it.  Nothing else.  Wasted time.

Maggie and I spent hours on the phone and filling out paperwork to apply for SSI for her so that she would have health insurance.  The money wasn't important, but the insurance is.  Her claim was denied.  Now we have to figure out some other avenue of taking care of her special needs.  Wasted time; loss of money; need for lawyers to help with guardianship issues and dependency.

In the space of 24 hours, there were three whammies, saying, "Why do you even bother to TRY?"

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Wedding Rings

Wedding rings.  For some reason I always thought my ring was a reminder of my promises at the wedding.

But what I've heard from my pastor is different.  My wedding ring was given to me.  And it was given with a promise to me.  The ring isn't a reminder of what I said I'd do.  Rather, it's the reminder of what my husband promised.  My wedding ring is not the symbol of my duties; it is the symbol of a promise given freely that he will love me and be faithful to me.  That's gospel, not law.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Huh? What Are YOU Talking About?

We were both baffled. 

Expectations and assumptions -- they sure do affect communication.

A very sweet Methodist co-worker (a mom of soldiers) cheerily asked today if our church service on Sunday would be in celebration of soldiers. 

I can't imagine how confused my face must have looked.  "Sunday??  Soldiers??  Uh, we'll be celebrating the Feast of the Holy Trinity."

Then it was her turn to be confused.  It's Memorial Day weekend.  Why wouldn't we be honoring the soldiers?  She wasn't negative, she certainly didn't accuse or anything, but she seemed bewildered by my answer.

"Last Sunday was Pentecost. This Sunday is Trinity.  It's a high feast of the Church."  My statements sounded more like questions because I thought these things went without saying.

And then a customer arrived and the conversation was cut short, as so often happens.

I'm such a misfit.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Swishy Skirt

Last week, on the day of dance class, I had to work.  Work means wearing a dress.  That day I wore something with a rather full, round skirt. 

Oh my goodness!  It is SO much more fun to dance in a full skirt than in jeans.  The skirt flows and swishes. 

I thought I was being silly about it.  But when I mentioned to Gary how pretty the skirt looked, he said he'd noticed too.  He said that was why he was spinning me in turns more than normal.  Hee hee hee -- fun stuff!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wedding Prep

Menu plans for the rehearsal dinner are in place: baked-potato bar and salad bar, with all the details excruciatingly listed on paper, anticipating my forgetfulness.  Paul and Mandy said pop wasn't necessary, and the church doesn't allow alcohol, so the drinks will be coffee, iced tea, lemonade, and water.   Fruit, brownies, and caramel bars for dessert.  Nothing fancy.

I bought 20# of bacon on Monday.  So far I've cooked-&-crumbled 11# of it.  Smells good in here. 

I'm trying very hard to give myself speeches that it will indeed be okay to buy lettuce already washed and cut and bagged.  Right now I'm telling myself what all I'm going to do to prep dinner-for-40, but I think there may have to be some cheating (i.e., buying packages of food that merely need to be opened instead of prepared entirely from scratch).

Still need to slightly alter the dress I bought at Goodwill.  Seams are ripped but not tucked to size and put back aright.

Bought the paper goods today.  Again I prove that I "don't do pretty."  I bought blue, square, plastic, disposable plates.  Red cups.  Napkins with brightly colored balloons.  I doubt there will be decorations of any sort.  I'm better at cooking than at beautifying.  (Maybe I'll dazzle them with food so that they don't notice the lack of streamers and flowers and tablecloths??)

Still have garden and a word-processing project on which to make headway in the next few weeks.