Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Huh? What Are YOU Talking About?

We were both baffled. 

Expectations and assumptions -- they sure do affect communication.

A very sweet Methodist co-worker (a mom of soldiers) cheerily asked today if our church service on Sunday would be in celebration of soldiers. 

I can't imagine how confused my face must have looked.  "Sunday??  Soldiers??  Uh, we'll be celebrating the Feast of the Holy Trinity."

Then it was her turn to be confused.  It's Memorial Day weekend.  Why wouldn't we be honoring the soldiers?  She wasn't negative, she certainly didn't accuse or anything, but she seemed bewildered by my answer.

"Last Sunday was Pentecost. This Sunday is Trinity.  It's a high feast of the Church."  My statements sounded more like questions because I thought these things went without saying.

And then a customer arrived and the conversation was cut short, as so often happens.

I'm such a misfit.

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  1. An LDS woman asked me if my church service on Mother's Day was about Mothers.

    "Well, it was the 7th Sunday of Easter. So, no."

    Then I had to explain the concept of the Easter season and Pentecost.