Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wedding Prep

Menu plans for the rehearsal dinner are in place: baked-potato bar and salad bar, with all the details excruciatingly listed on paper, anticipating my forgetfulness.  Paul and Mandy said pop wasn't necessary, and the church doesn't allow alcohol, so the drinks will be coffee, iced tea, lemonade, and water.   Fruit, brownies, and caramel bars for dessert.  Nothing fancy.

I bought 20# of bacon on Monday.  So far I've cooked-&-crumbled 11# of it.  Smells good in here. 

I'm trying very hard to give myself speeches that it will indeed be okay to buy lettuce already washed and cut and bagged.  Right now I'm telling myself what all I'm going to do to prep dinner-for-40, but I think there may have to be some cheating (i.e., buying packages of food that merely need to be opened instead of prepared entirely from scratch).

Still need to slightly alter the dress I bought at Goodwill.  Seams are ripped but not tucked to size and put back aright.

Bought the paper goods today.  Again I prove that I "don't do pretty."  I bought blue, square, plastic, disposable plates.  Red cups.  Napkins with brightly colored balloons.  I doubt there will be decorations of any sort.  I'm better at cooking than at beautifying.  (Maybe I'll dazzle them with food so that they don't notice the lack of streamers and flowers and tablecloths??)

Still have garden and a word-processing project on which to make headway in the next few weeks.


  1. Yes it is okay to do that. Sam's Club sells a big bag of shredded lettuce for just a couple of bucks. Depending on when you get here, I would meet you there so you could buy it there if you like.

    And it is okay to even buy vegetables already cut, or cheese already shredded.

    What a fun weekend you will have. I'm so excited for your family to be gaining a daughter and most especially for Paul and Mandy.

  2. I think it sounds just great. Carrots come already julienned(?) To stretch salad without more cleaning and chopping, garbonzo beans only need the can opened If you don't get all the bacon fried, don't worry. You'd have enough for 5 slices for each persons potato and 5 slices per salad, right?

  3. Hmmm. We can get a free Sam's Club membership through Gary's work. I imagine that would be good at all Sam's Clubs and not just the local one. Hmmm. I don't usually go to Sam's because it's a 20-minute drive (one-way) in a direction I seldom head. But maybe I ought to see if we could get that taken care of??

    Glenda, I'll let you know if I need you. Thanks!