Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sad Children

As I was checking out of the grocery store today, a woman was sitting nearby, holding a sobbing child.  A couple of people inquired if there were anything they could do to help, but the response was a gentle and caring "Thank you, but she's just having a bad day."  I assumed the little girl was having a tantrum because mom didn't buy the cookies she wanted, or it was getting to be naptime and the child was having a meltdown.  You know -- nothing to be concerned about.  Something that all parents cope with.

By the time my groceries were loaded into the car and I'd returned my cart, the sniffling preschooler and the woman were walking out to their car parked next to mine.  Turns out the child wanted her mommy!  And the woman was assuring her that she'd "see Mommy after she's done working." 

We think it's normal and acceptable for mommies to leave their children to go to work.  Yes, sometimes it's necessary.  But the child's tears should teach us something.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

So, I anticipate seeing Facebook posts and blogposts about the wonderful dinners y'all ate and the fun things you did to celebrate.  Our Valentine's Day solidifies the proof that we are aging and practical fuddy-duddies.

I was planning to take Andrew* to urgent care, but was lucky to find our doctor had an opening in the morning.  This was followed by a trip to the pharmacist.  Gary had a bad day at work.  I fell asleep mid-afternoon reading schoolwork with Maggie.  Supper was beans and cornbread.  No chocolate, no cake, no cookies, no treats -- we can't being doin' sugar when we're still fighting off the germies.  (When will this end and we're no longer treading on the edge of the cliff?)

We did, however, go to our dance class.  Dancing.  For Valentine's Day.  At least that 50 minutes of the day sounds decidedly romantic.  Truth be told, it was more exercise than beautiful dancing.  But we'll go with romantic.  It sounds better that way.

* Footnote: Nasty ear infection.  It's improving, and he probably will have managed to avoid a ruptured eardrum. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vote Next Tuesday

Next Tuesday (February 19) is the primary for Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice. 

1) There's a clear difference in the candidates.
2) The court is currently divided 4-3, with the "4th" being the seat that's contested this spring.  This election will determine the court majority. 
3)  Pat Roggensack (the incumbent) has voted in a more conservative, "strict constructionist" direction.  Her opponents are more of the "big government" variety.

VOTE on Tuesday!
Put it on your calendar.
Or go "early vote" this week.
Vote Roggensack.

(PS: Katie, you've also got a primary for Assemblyman. We'll bring the paper's interviews with the candidates to church.  Although newspaper comparisons seldom give me the information I want.)