Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vote Next Tuesday

Next Tuesday (February 19) is the primary for Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice. 

1) There's a clear difference in the candidates.
2) The court is currently divided 4-3, with the "4th" being the seat that's contested this spring.  This election will determine the court majority. 
3)  Pat Roggensack (the incumbent) has voted in a more conservative, "strict constructionist" direction.  Her opponents are more of the "big government" variety.

VOTE on Tuesday!
Put it on your calendar.
Or go "early vote" this week.
Vote Roggensack.

(PS: Katie, you've also got a primary for Assemblyman. We'll bring the paper's interviews with the candidates to church.  Although newspaper comparisons seldom give me the information I want.)

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