Saturday, August 17, 2013

Flea Market

One of my jobs in an attempt to create margin has been cleaning out stuff for the flea market.  The sale was today, and it went well.  Hmmm, as far as the sales and the getting-rid-of-junk, it went well. 

We've been pulling things out of cupboards and the attic and the basement all summer, pricing it, and piling it in the garage.  Bright and early this morning, we set up the booth at church.  I headed to work while Maggie was in charge of selling junk precious goods.  After the bank closed, I joined the party.  Fun day, sitting outside with friends!  Warm, but not hot.  At the end of the day, a few items came home with me, while Julie hauled virtually all my leftovers to Goodwill with her leftovers. 

When we came home and counted the money, we cleared over $150 after paying for the booth and lunch and everything.  That's way more than I anticipated.  And there's more space in the house!  And we can park inside the garage again!

Only downside of the day: Zoe was injured.  I wasn't there, so I'm getting stories second and third hand.  But somehow she was hit with a toy while some kids were playing.  At the sound of her whimper, the grown-ups turned around and saw Zoe's face, hands, and dress covered with blood from a cut in her forehead.  She was very good in ER for the doctors to give her stitches.  Her momma reports that she's doing fine. 

And now, after a week of VBS and the flea market, it's time to get back to normal.  We haven't mowed in two weeks.  It's been longer than that since the house was cleaned.  Catch-up time!

Monday, August 12, 2013

I Have My Life to Live!

Those who have abortions are "not willing to sacrifice their comfort or convenience for a child, but they have no problem sacrificing a child for their comfort and convenience." 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Prayer Walk for Peace

Re-enactment weekend at a nearby park.  From Greek Hoplites to Roman warriors to medieval Scots to fur traders to colonial America to War of 1812 to Civil War to WWII.   Great stuff!

One of the re-enactors was a Native American.  While helping kids do some beading, she was telling me about her recent mission trip to Russia for a prayer walk.  She was telling me how the trip was designed to help cultures understand one another, so that the cultural divide between eastern Russia and western Alaska (all of about 150 miles apart) might be overcome.  "I would talk to you and tell you what I believe, and you would tell me what you believe.  And since it doesn't matter, since we're all the same, since there's really no right or wrong, then we can learn to get along."

A)  What if I believe there IS a right and a wrong?
B)  If you believe there's no right or wrong way to believe, do you really believe what you "believe"?