Friday, February 29, 2008


We gave them a whole bunch o' money. We signed the contract to give them a whole bunch more money. They gave us the keys. And the house is now ours. Well, ours and the bank's. Moving day is scheduled for next Saturday, assuming the weather doesn't thwart our plans. It's a very very very nice house. (Hey, the rest of the song fits too: with two cats [soon to be] in the yard. Life used to be so hard. Let's hope the "now everything is easy" comes to pass too.)

Too Cold to Stick

We've spent the last few days boxing up books at a fast-n-furious rate. And toys. And books. And games. And more books. When I went downstairs today to fill some more boxes, I found tape coming loose from some of the boxes. This is name-brand, "high quality" packaging tape. And it's so cold in the basement that it's not sticking well. Yikes! I don't want bottoms falling out of book boxes. But what can you do to make tape stick in the cold??? I'm inclined to turn up the heat, but it's been cold in the basement the last two years regardless of how warm it is upstairs. (And that's weird, because for many a year, it seemed that the basement was warmer in winter and cooler in summer, which fits better with what science says.)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Thanks to recommendations from several homeschooling friends, we found a place to order appliance parts online with advice on installing them. Gary took apart the stove on Saturday so that we made sure we were ordering the correct part. I had it next-day-aired, so it arrived today. Paul installed it this morning and put the stove back together. And now we have a fully operative oven, at less than half the price we were quoted by our favorite local repairman.

We ate cornbread for lunch.
We'll eat pizza for supper.
I like having appliances that work!

I am impressed with my manly guys who can fix things for me!