Friday, February 08, 2013


I miss Gary.  He's been in Illinois 11 days of the last month.  His dad fell a week ago and had repair-surgery last weekend.  Today he moved into the nursing home for therapy.  Gary was there to help with the transition and to get more detail-stuff wrapped up. 

Snow, snow, snow.  As tired as we've been recently, I am SO thankful for the snow-blower.

I whipped up two Real Meals [whole foods; made from scratch] this week, things that were quick and easy, and earned two nights full of compliments from the satisfied diners.  Oh no, I'm building up their expectations again ....

I love sitting down and reading Anne with Maggie.  It's so pleasant and I wish there weren't so many responsibilities that get in the way.  Maggie has been doing much more, though, to help with chores and projects recently.

When you're regularly in a public place (uh, that would be at work) you get spoiled by the warmth.  Then 67 feels mighty cold at home. 

I'm ready for July.

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