Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Rotten Potatoes

That distinctive odor.  I can smell it in the pantry as soon as it starts.  So you grab the bag of potatoes, dump them all out, and find the one that's starting to decay. 

So does anybody know how to avoid getting a bag with a rotten potato?  I look the bags over before I choose one to put in my grocery cart.  My nose theoretically could sniff it out, but when I'm in the produce section by the potatoes, I always smell rotten ones.  How do you know which bags are clean and which have an on-their-way-to-putrid specimen?


  1. I pick one by the sniff method, then later when I leave the produce area, the bag gets sniffed a second time. No distracting smells from other bags.

  2. That sounds like a good plan, Karen. The hard part is going to be remembering to check the potatoes in a different part of the store, without getting distracted by the other items on my list and trying to push my cart without running into other shoppers. That could be a pretty tall order....!