Friday, May 17, 2013

The German Homeschool Family Seeking Asylum in U.S.

Some of you have heard about the German family who came to the United States because it's illegal to homeschool in Germany and they were opposed to enrolling their children in a public school which teaches contrary to the family's beliefs.  The family overstayed their visa.  It was time to go home.  They didn't leave America, claiming religious persecution awaited them in Germany. 

Not surprisingly, the Home School Legal Defense Association is involved. 

The Inappropriate Homeschooler posted information on the case.  Is this case really about the US government trying to destroy homeschoolering?  Or might it be yet another case of HSLDA "helping" homeschoolers in a way that will benefit their organization, increasing membership, increasing our need to be "protected," and thus increasing their own power?


  1. I get a little nervous about not signing up with HSLDA - especially under the Obama Administration (so far, we are not signed up). If homeschooling is legal in the U.S. why couldn't a district attorney defend me as well as the HSLDA?

    Jane S.

  2. INTERESTING indeed.

    According to the article, the HSLDA is more or less responsible for the HSing laws in NY and PA? Is this true?! We have turned down even looking at job opportunities in PA because the HSing laws are so restrictive there...