Thursday, October 24, 2013

With the Critters Too

After the Flood, God promised that He would never again destroy the earth with water (Genesis 9).  Interestingly, the promise was not made merely to Noah, or to Noah's family, or to all people forever.  The promise was made to every living creature. 

Did the animals understand this?  Did their brains intellectually comprehend this?  Of course not.  But the promise is valid nonetheless.

This is comforting to know.  Sometimes I think of how little I understand of God's Word.  But His promises are good and true and will most certainly come to pass regardless of my understanding.  And His promises are efficacious for infants who are too little to understand.  And for elderly people who are afflicted with senility.  And for the mentally ill who have lost touch with reality.  And for the comatose.  It is good to understand God's Word, to meditate upon it, to cherish it.  But when we can't, when we don't, He is faithful for He cannot deny Himself.

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