Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OUR Father

At Didache last night, Pastor said something he's said a gazillion times before. But I never remember it until he's in the midst of bringing it up in class again.

When we pray "Our Father who art in heaven," the "our" does not refer merely to all us Christians throughout the whole world and throughout all history, joined in prayer. It refers also (and especially) to the Father being Jesus' Father and our Father.

So when we pray the Lord's Prayer, why don't I ever think of that?


  1. Ohhh wow, I've never thought of that, either!

    I found your blog by Googling "lutheran unschoolers" and enjoyed the "Classical Lutheran Unschooling" post. :)

  2. Well, howdy, Monika! Nice to meet you!

    As for the "our Father," this morning again I prayed with no awareness of Jesus being the most significant part of the "our." Good thing God recognizes it even when I'm clueless, eh? :-)