Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hypo-Allergenic Soap

Two months ago, I was nearly out of home-made soap. I intended to make some, and found that I hadn't washed my fat, and so my soap-making day turned into a fat-washing day. Since the soap has to cure for at least six weeks prior to using it, I am WAY behind now. I haven't made the soap yet, I am totally out, and even if I make soap today, I still won't have any until early May.

I can't spend $4-5 per bar on soap. That's the kind of soap that I need, but I can't afford it.

In late January and early February, I resorted to using the guys' soap (Zest or Safeguard or whatever happened to be cheapest) a couple of times a week, just to stretch out the days until my good soap had totally disappeared. I found myself itchy. One day at morning prayers, I was sitting in church, growing more and more itchy, in more and more spots, and having a hard time listening to the preaching because all I wanted to do was scratch! I couldn't figure out why for quite a while. When I did solve the mystery (that I'd just gotten out of the shower 20 minutes earlier and had used a "bath bar" instead of soap), I knew I had to eschew the guys' soap and find something for me.

The next time I was at Woodman's, I looked for some glycerin soap for a price that didn't send me into conniption fits. (They used to have it, but don't in Oak Creek.) I noticed instead Dial Basics (which used to be Pure & Natural). It was a three-pack for a dollar, and for that price, I figured I could risk testing it. I've been using it for nearly a month, and am not getting rashes or itching. You can even read the ingredient list and realize that it is not too too far off from what real soap is. This is good! Just thought some of you other itchy people might want to know.

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