Monday, March 23, 2009

Peter's Denial

In our Bible story today (from the end of Mark 14) we heard about Jesus telling Peter that he would deny Him three times. This contrasts two things.

First, Peter and Judas. Both denied their Lord. Both betrayed Him. But one was repentant and received the forgiveness won for him, while the other insisted on trying to pay for his sins himself.

Second, Peter and Jesus. While Peter denied and made a false confession, Jesus made the true confession. Peter feared harm to himself if he admitted that he was one of Jesus' disciples. Jesus, however, did not have merely threats to Himself, but actual beatings already starting at the high priest's house when He confessed what was true.

Peter could not remain faithful to his Lord. All fell away. Only One could do what He was called to do. His death and His faithfulness is what saves us from our faithlessness.

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