Thursday, March 26, 2009


They've been lowering speed limits around here. The town council was noticing that they weren't raking in as many fines last year as they'd anticipated. Should the policemen write more tickets to make up the shortfall?

New laws are being passed. We have laws about keeping animals. Laws about licensing bicycles. Laws about running businesses and paying employees. Laws about keeping our grass short and our weeds trimmed. Laws about building permits. Laws about minors' work-hours. Laws about seatbelts. Laws about lightbulbs and toilets and grocery bags that aren't "green" enough.

There are so many laws that anyone can be caught. Anyone. No matter how much a person tries to toe the line. I've known for many years that anyone could be fined or maybe even arrested. But in the last couple of months, I've been even more aware of it. I remind myself that it's happening, and that I ought not be surprised if/when it happens to us or a loved one some day.

So, then, it does. A minor little thing, really. But when you have to decide whether to fight it, and take time off work and give up the pay), and maybe even have to hire a lawyer, it makes more sense financially to just go ahead and pay the fine. Even though you could probably fight it and win.

Kinda frustrating.
But I knew it was coming. I didn't know when. But it would happen.

And it will happen again, I'm sure.

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  1. It's a sure sign that your community is an official ex-burb. It stinks for normal people like you and me, who know how to be a good neighbor without someone telling us how in leagalese. The one good thing is that it's a sign that the value of your home is a bit better protected.

    My Dh says when the nanny-laws come here, and our town turns into a "Delafield" we put the house on the market and cash in. Of course, that plan was hatched before the current economic unpleasantness! We'll just have to wait longer.