Saturday, February 21, 2009

Woodmans Change

I don't know if this would apply to anybody but Rachel, but Kathy and Laura and SK and some others may want to know too. It used to be that "2 for $1" at Woodmans meant 50 cents each, whether you got one or two items. "4 for $3" meant 75 cents each, no matter whether you bought one or seven or four.

Well, except on frozen pizza. Then you actually had to buy the correct number to get the deal. I had conversations with clerks about this on several occasions.

It's changed now. At least at Oak Creek. So when you stock up on frozen veggies or smoothie fruit, count your packages to make sure you're getting the correct number.


  1. I read Woodman's is opening a new store in the Falls:
    Maybe it would be a shorter drive than Oak Creek for some of you. I have never shopped at a Woodman's so I will have to check it out once it's built.

  2. FYI: woodmans us coming to Waukesha on Sunset blvd. soon.

  3. Oh, Lisa, Woodmans is wonderful. Prices as good as Aldi except way more variety.

    LW, we checked the maps. The Waukesha one will probably be closer for you than the one in the Falls, but Waukesha's looks like a 25-minute drive for me while the Falls one will probably be about 20.