Thursday, February 19, 2009

Morality in the 30s

During the Great Depression, people did not steal from their neighbors' gardens. If a homeless person wanted to beg food, he would ask, or offer to work for it.

If our society falls to pieces, if people are short of food, if people are short of clothing or other needs, what would become of those who had supplies? Even if most of my neighbors were honest, could I really anticipate that ALL of them would be, so that I could expect to harvest the fruit from my fruit trees, or gather the lettuces from my garden?

I suspect that the entitlement mentality of the recent decades, alongside the indoctrination that we're only just [evolved] animals after all, in conjunction with the lack of time parents spend with their kids, will result in "coping strategies" that are criminal and that would've been unthinkable to those who lived during the Great Depression.

I hated the book "The Call of the Wild."


  1. nathan fischer2/20/2009 8:09 AM

    Ah, man, I loved "Call of the Wild" as a kid. It was so sad reading through the summary, again... I don't think I ever realized what the theme of the book actually was. I just thought it was the story of a dog. :-(

  2. It wasn't the story of a dog? :-(

  3. Crime soared during the Great Depression according to Burton Folsom in _New Deal or Raw Deal_. The book is a fantastic takedown of Roosevelt and the New Deal.

    -Pr. E. R. Fickel

  4. Oh, great, Pr Fickel. Crime soared then. And look where we've gone since then.... What's it going to be like now that we've taught people it's okay to abort babies, kill the infirm, and we see things like kids knifing each other over things like flirting with my ex-boyfriend?