Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dumb Cat

The cat loves fresh, running water.

The cat hears me brushing my teeth. Ah ha! That means running water.

She comes galloping into the bathroom, wheels around the corner, leaps onto the toilet as a jump-point to make it to the counter by the sink, and discovers ...

the toilet lid is up.

I never saw a cat scramble out of a toilet so quickly!!!


  1. Bwahaha! Our own Dumb Cat will try to fish the soggy bits of soiled TP out of the bowl if SOMEONE (age 6) doesn't flush 'em down.

    Yeah, toilet paper bombs, THAT's fun to step on in stocking-feet when you're not expecting it!

  2. Your last sentence begs the question: have you ever seen a cat leave a toilet in a fashion other than quickly scrambling?? ;)

  3. I have seen things like a cat drinking out of a toilet, beginning to slip in, and having to scramble a bit to get backed up. Then you end up with a cat with one wet leg and another wet paw. But as for a doused cat scrambling desperately to get a whole body out of the toilet, nope, this was my first!