Wednesday, February 18, 2009



In high-school biology, I didn't dissect anything. My lab partner didn't want to do the lab write-ups and reports, and I didn't want to cut or look at anything. He did the dissections and told me what to write (while I tried not to throw up), and I made it sound good for the teacher. A lovely symbiotic relationship!!

Needless to say, we don't dissect things in our homeschool. A kid can get that opportunity from some teacher at a community college if he needs to.

Sunday, at the education fair (like a science fair, but history and art and music are welcome too), one of the girls there was dissecting a cow eyeball. My kids watched. I hid in a different room and socialized there instead of being educated about eyeballs. Well, I suppose it was a good experience for my students.



  1. LOL Susan. In highschool, no one ever wanted to dissect..but I wanted to see what was inside, so *I* did it! Cow eye was my fav actually. Frog was ok..the gigantic grasshopper? I let someone else do that one but dissecting critters prepared me well for cutting up chickens!

    Do you know there are actually people who will not buy whole chickens at $.69/# because they do not know how to cut them up OR think it is too gross? (I have heard this more than once in a checkout line!)These folks HAVE to spend $2+ a pound for boneless, skinless breasts. How do they get broth with no bones to boil? (one of dh's favorite pastimes)

  2. I was the weird one... a friend of mine and I were the only people that really liked the dissection part of anatomy so I think we did it all. Honestly, I learned more from those few weeks of dissecting (even though the anatomy wasn't the same as humans) than I did from months of the plastic human skeletons. was cool ;) -Heidi

  3. Heidi, my mom is a nurse and she liked the dissecting too. When I was all grossed out by it, I remember her reaction being something on the order of, "How could you not love this???"