Friday, February 20, 2009

Despair or Arrogance

This is going to be obvious to the people at my church because we hear it ALL the time. But at one point it was very new to me, and it took a lot of repetitions for it to get through my skull.

Despair and arrogance are the same thing.

Self-righteousness comes in two forms. One form is that God has rules, and I've done a good job of living by the rules, so God sure must like me a lot! The other form is that God has rules, and I can't keep the rules, so God cannot love me and forgive me.

Both of these attitudes essentially boil down to a belief that we earn whatever we get from God. The only difference is some think they have earned it, and others know they haven't.

Both betray a lack of faith in God's compassion and undeserved MERCY.

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