Saturday, February 21, 2009

Issues Etc

Just in case you haven't bumped into the information yet, the LCMS has threatened Issues Etc with a lawsuit over the use of the name and logo for the show. LCMS let lapse their/our ownership of the trademark nearly ten years ago. When Issues was originally put on the chopping block last year by synod, Jeff and Todd were allowed to use the name. The show came back. It's doing well. Now synod says that Todd and Jeff can't use the name.

If you think this is outrageous behavior on synod's part,
if you think that synod shouldn't be suing somebody they fired,
if you think that synod should put the matter to rest,
if you think that Todd and Jeff shouldn't have to worry about being sued,
if you want synod's limited dollars to go to something more edifying than legal fees for something like this,
if you think it's a wee bit hypocritical for synod to say that it's unChristian for anyone to sue them, whilst they go ahead and threaten to sue their members,

you might want to go check out the Issues Etc website for more information,

or just go directly to the petition to sign it.

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