Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why I Don't Want a Maid

My husband teases that I would have to clean before a maid came to clean. I wouldn't, though. At least not in the way that he means.

Today I have been cleaning. All day I've been working, and it looks like I've accomplished next to nothing. "Cleaning" involved getting the massive amount of produce on the kitchen counter turned into an all-veggie lunch. "Cleaning" involved filing insurance papers, paying bills, and making notes of various things. "Cleaning" involved lots of picking up things that don't have a proper place, and deciding to put them in the garbage or where their Proper Place was going to be. "Cleaning" involved checking with the kids about what projects they were in the midst of, and which could be taken down and put away.

Maids can't do any of that.
Maids dust and vacuum and mop and clean toilets.

Once I get the hard part of cleaning done --the deciding part-- wielding the vacuum or the broom or the swiffer cloths is no big deal. It doesn't take thought; it goes quickly; and I can set the minions children to torturous labor helping.

Maids have the easy part. I don't want to pay somebody else to do the easy part.


  1. You're right, maids don't do that...

    Now what you would need (if you could give that over to anyone else. I couldn't either) a butler, a housekeeper, or a personal assistant.

  2. I know ya do, Jane. But didn't you appreciate your personal organizer even more than when you had the cleaning help? See, Lora knows what's what. ;-)

  3. Well, I'll break the tie - I'll take all of the above - butler, maid, housekeeper, personal assistant.... ;)

    But, I would probably clean before someone came to clean (truth be told...)

  4. Yes, the organizer was fabulous. The benefit of that has been far longer lasting than the cleaning. :)