Monday, August 25, 2008

Tractor Pun

Driving Paul to college last Friday, we happened to see a road sign for "WARNING: Deer Crossing."

Sitting between the road sign and the cornfield next to it, was an orange tractor (aka an Allis-Chalmers).  I laughed!

(For those of you who need an explanation, an Allis-Chalmers is NOT a Deere.)
And then I laughed at myself. Because, really, how many people would've been amused by this? Probably the kind of people (like me!) who enjoyed Beer for My Horses.


  1. I have the same kind of sense of humor! I thought that was funny - and I didn't need the explanation! :)

  2. My first reaction to the two pictures (before the note) was "That's not funny. It isn't a Deere".