Monday, August 25, 2008


Kids and I accomplished:
Trip to town for Matins and mailing a package of left-behind items to Paul. Had Larry over to look at the electric lines for the stove's new vent. Washed almost all the bed linens and towels, as well as several loads of regular laundry, hanging it all on the line outside. Cleaned most of the floors in the house. Helped Andrew to dismantle the bunk bed and take it downstairs. Bought gas and then used it to mow most of the lawn. Dead-headed the snap-dragons with Maggie. Ate three sit-down meals together (quicky home-mades though they be). Phone calls to arrange for more beef for the freezer. Dug out some info on herbal remedies for a sick kid, and passed along what I knew. Biked to town (PE class!) for chapel and mailing another package, this one to the sick kid.

Started the bread to soaking, but didn't get around to making it yet. Cooked the eggs for deviled eggs which Gary is planning to take to the hors d'ouvres lunch at work tomorrow, but didn't get the eggs done yet either. Didn't make that second batch of soap. Didn't spend any time working on the next volume of Fabrizius's stuff (which I wanted to print out as my scribble-copy on Wednesday). Don't have the sheets back on the beds yet. Don't have Paul's bed put back together after the bed re-arranging. Didn't get around to making a to-do list for Maggie which she so desperately needs AND wants.

What I didn't get done today was SO much. But when I look at the items crossed off the to-do list on the refrigerator, it seems like we did a lot. No wonder we didn't have time for math or reading today. It was cool, though, to watch the honey bees opening the snapdragons to crawl inside and do their nectar/pollination thing!

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  1. You've also been busy answering questions at my blog while I was out of town. Thank you :) I'm especially grateful that God put you in the path of the mom asking about the GED!