Thursday, August 28, 2008

"100" -- More Neighbors' Gardens

72. I loved growing red and white IMPATIENS at the old house in what used to be the sandbox. Pink and purple impatiens is okay (just like pink petunias), but the red and white ones are lovely!

73. There weren't many HYDRANGEA bushes where we used to live. We had a couple of them next to the house in Wautoma, but they seemed scarce where we recently came from. But boy oh boy, they're all over the place here! When we moved to Wautoma, I didn't know what the bush was, but Gary told me that he knew the "snowball bush."

74. Why is it that wild roses bloom in mid- to late-June, but everybody around here has ROSES blooming now in late August? What happened with the domestication of roses that it so drastically changed the blooming season?


  1. Are the pink roses supposed to be speckled. Because from the picture they look quite pretty that way.

  2. I don't know, Katie. I don't know if that's from bugs, or if it's from too much or too little water, or if they're supposed to be that way. But I too thought they looked kinda pretty that way.