Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We Give Thee But Thine Own

Today's story was Exodus 25, the instructions from the Lord for building the ark of the covenant in the tabernacle. Moses was to invite the people to bring their gold, silver, bronze, fine linens, and other items which were prescribed by God for usage in the tabernacle.

These people were slaves. These people had been in bondage. These people were not wealthy. BUT just before leaving Exodus, God had told them to go to their neighbors, ask for gold, and God would cause the Egyptians to just simply hand it over. So suddenly, after probably not having too much, the Israelites had riches!

They didn't hang onto it. When God said they could bring it for the building of the tabernacle, they DID. Eventually, Moses even had to tell them to knock it off and stop bringing so much because the artisans had enough materials.

We SAY we believe that we are giving God what He has first given to us. But do we really believe it? Don't we really believe it's ours, and we're pretty good Joes to be giving our offerings? When you look at those Israelites who gave their treasures for the tabernacle, it is SO obvious that they were only giving to God what He had given to them so that they could then give it back to Him. It should be that obvious about our wealth too. But it's not.

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