Friday, August 29, 2008


Gary's got some pictures over on his blog.

Last night, we went out to eat at The Fox and the Hound. When somebody asked yesterday afternoon what time our reservations were, I realized how long it had been since we'd dined at such a nice restaurant: I don't think we made reservations since we moved away from Wautoma. It was a lovely evening --a date for just the two of us!-- that started with lumber-shopping at Menards (okay, okay, that was the practical part!) and ended with awesome food in a beautiful atmosphere.

Reminder to self:
Gotta try two of the drinks on the menu. (We seldom drink liquor when we go out to eat. Too expensive. Much cheaper to have those treats at home. And then you don't have to worry about driving either.) An ice-cream drink was orange juice with peach schnapps and vanilla ice cream. That sounds like something that definitely should be taste-tested. Likewise, a winter drink: hot apple cider with peach schnapps and Capt Morgan spiced rum.


  1. I'd almost forgotten... Happy anniversary! I love you!

  2. I saw the pictures on Gary's blog last night, but I was too tired to comment (shame on me).

    Congratulations to the both of you, with hopes and prayers for many more happy years to come.

  3. Happy anniversary! I'm glad you two had a wonderful evening!

  4. I forgot (again) that you were married a week after we were. I wonder if I'll EVER remember?

    Happy Anniversary!

    And Happy Anniversary, too, to our friends Chris and Marilyn, who were also married on 8/29/81. They will never read this, of course. :) (We didn't make their wedding in the UP, because we were impoverished newlyweds!)

  5. Hey, thanks, you guys. I don't normally put things like this on my blog (my weak attempt at not overdoing the lack of privacy inherent in blogging), but I liked the pictures that Gary posted.

  6. Happy (late) Anniversary! Always late on blog reading... sorry! So glad you had such a wonderful evening being waited on and relaxing... 'bout time!