Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wheel-Girl's Arrival

"I finally have my bike back!"

She rode in a TRUCK!

A book about trains!

A tractor to play with. (But Woody is posted especially for Karin and Anna.)

And the firetruck. (Mom, do you remember this set of magnets?)


  1. I do vaguely remember them. It's been a few years ago, though.

  2. Alia has turned into a little blondie! Cute.

  3. Meghan, it's so funny to see what Audrey is up to as compared [I should say "contrasted"] to what Alia is up to. Alia loves trucks and puzzles planes and Woody and cars and snakes. But pretty shoes and pretty hair and boas and being artistic? No way!

  4. Mine does NOT play with dolls. Ever. At all. In fact, she made me hide or take them away when she was about the same age as Alia is now.

    Animals, yes. Cars, trucks, trains, other toys, fine. But anything with a human-ish face? No way. For a long time she wouldn't even look at faces in cartoons or in pictures, either, and wouldn't let me read her books that had cartoon-face type illustrations.

  5. It's fun to watch Noelle at 3 1/2 months, as she LOVES faces, especially pictures of a baby face in a book, or her own face in the mirror. Different stages, I guess.