Friday, August 13, 2010

Rachel and Matt's Move

So, I'm none-too-fast about posting pictures.

Plenty of friends, Matt's family, and Rachel's family came to assist.

Easier to send a lot of the smaller items out the window rather than around corners, through a door, down the hallway, through a door, through a short hallway, through a door, through the entryway, through a door, and across the lawn.

I loved seeing the two pictures standing up against the grate to the left of the open window: a Transformers poster and a complete copy of Macbeth. It's a happy couple like unto the owners of the artwork.

The U-Haul people don't think that's a zebra. They think it's some prehistoric mammal. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Mary, Matt's mom, brought the picnic food and LOTS of drinks for after we'd loaded the truck and before we headed out to drive to Chicago and then unload. She is a wonderful woman! I was so thankful.

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