Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today's Laugh

A guy buys a brand-new Lamborghini and is so excited he calls his friend the priest and asks him to bless it. The priest says, "I'd be happy to bless it, but tell me first, what's a Lamborghini?"

The guys gets upset and decides if his friend doesn't know what a Lamborghini is, he'd rather call his friend the rabbi. The rabbi says he'd be more than willing to give the blessing, but also asks, "What a Lamborghini?" to which the guy says, "Never mind." and hangs up.

Finally he calls another friend, the minister at the Unitarian church. When he asks the minister to bless his Lamborghini, the minister says, "Wow! A Lamborghini? That's amazing. What color is it? How much horsepower? Will you let me drive it?" To which the guy answers the questions and then adds, "You know, you still haven't said whether you'll bless it."

The minister replies, "Sure, I'll be happy to bless it. That's a very worthy cause, but I just have one question ... Ahhh, what's a blessing?"

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