Friday, August 13, 2010

Today's Laugh

A man always carried an umbrella. One by one, as the months passed, he broke each one until six useless ones were in his umbrella stand.

One morning, he took the umbrellas into the city and left them at a repair shop. He rode the bus home. As he was about to disembark, out of pure habit, he picked up the umbrella next to him; it belonged to the woman sitting on the same bus-seat.

She yelled, "Stop, thief." Completely embarrassed, he gave her back the umbrella.

The next week, he picked up his six umbrellas at the repair shop. When he got on the bus with them, he happened to sit next to the same woman. He didn't recognize her, but she sure recognized him.

Giving him an icy stare, she said, "I see you've had a good day, huh?"

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