Sunday, August 08, 2010

General Update

Maggie, Andrew, and I traveled to Fort Wayne this past week for a retreat. Lots of friends. Lord's Supper every day, daily prayer offices. A dance. Lots of friends. Great catechesis and workshops and discussions. Lots of friends.

Gary and Andrew shuffled the basement all around so that we can have both a dining room and a bedroom space down there. There's still more to do to empty Andrew's upstairs bedroom and some shelf/cupboard space so that Katie's gang will have places to put their stuff when they arrive midweek.

Yesterday was Zoo Day for Gary's company. It's very different to wander the zoo when you don't have a little person with you. It's still enjoyable, but in a different way: not so educational, but more like a relaxed walk with different scenery than what you find in your neighborhood.

Is there a hole in a window screen here? The flies have been terrible the last two days! But hey, they're a whole lot easier to swat and eliminate than the mosquitoes outside!

Cheri asked this morning about my green drink. My cough is still going after nearly six weeks; not sure if it's allergies or viral. Interestingly, though, the cough started only a few weeks after I began to be forgetful about my daily green drink. I am going to remember my green drink! Yes, I am! I am going to! (I hope....)

Andrew applied for a job at the Noodles where Paul used to work. But it took forever to get an interview. The boss said he'd call and let Andrew know, and he didn't. When Andrew inquired, the person on the phone said the boss hadn't been in for the previous two days. We don't know what's going on there. But Andrew saw a sign at Tony Maronni's (the most awesome pizza joint in the area!!!!) a week and a half ago, applied, went in for an interview, and was hired today. Yee haw! He starts on the 17th. It's local, between church and library. They're only open until 8:00 on weekdays. Andrew forgot to ask how many hours to expect each week. This is exciting!

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  1. That is some of the best pizza I've ever had *anywhere.* Glad Andrew found a job!