Friday, August 13, 2010

This Week

Monday: The Wisconsin contingent moved furniture, cleaned house, and tried to make space. The Texas contingent (mostly Nathan, with his mom's help) loaded a moving van on a very hot day.

Tuesday: The Wisconsin contingent ran lots of overdue errands and caught up on laundry. The Texas contingent drove from 7 a.m. till after 11 p.m.

Wednesday: The Wisconsin contingent continued moving furniture, clearing shelves and cupboard space, etc. The Texas contingent drove from southern Illinois to Wisconsin, arriving about 4:30 p.m. Gary came home from work and then turned around to leave for church as he was preaching. The rest of us unloaded the moving van. Nathan and Katie began unpacking.

Thursday: More unpacking. Nathan went to a job fair. Nathan, Katie, and 4 teenage guys from church unloaded a bunch of stuff into storage into the garage of some friends from church. Andrew stayed at their house for some game-playing, while Nathan, Katie, and Maggie returned home.

Friday: Katie drove to Chicago to adopt-out their kitty to Rachel & Matt. Nathan continued to unpack and to fix a computer that did not fare well through the move. Maggie and Susan mowed the lawn, washed laundry, and harvested berries and tomatoes. Gary was interviewed for a promotion at work. Maggie left for a slumber party. Andrew did not come home from his slumber party; the weather was nasty for driving.

Saturday: Both kids will arrive home. Gary is going to Greenfield to substitute preach. While there, he and Nathan will put another load of stuff into storage at another friend's house.

My house is not child-proofed.

I should can more salsa. I will want it in the cold winter months. Right now, I don't want the boiling water in the kitchen. Decisions, decisions. :-)

We have a bug jar and a cage for toads and lots of books about trucks. And Brio! Alia is okay with that!

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