Thursday, July 23, 2009


Thesis: The mother should have one or two fewer pairs of underwear than the rest of the family.

1. If she runs out, she will realize that it's time to do laundry today before the rest of the family starts nagging her.

2. If certain people in the house still have plenty of underwear left in their dresser drawers when Mom is out, then she knows it's time to start nagging someone about showering and changing his/her undies every day.


  1. i would be interested to know what little piece of life brought this post to light!!

  2. Mostly it's just the corollary to another thesis that I have more thoroughly researched: I can't fill myself with food or I won't be hungry enough by the next mealtime to remember to prepare food for the family. It used to be that hunger was what drove me to cook. But now I'm rarely hungry, and it takes a kick in the rear to get myself into gear to make supper.

    Laundry is the same song, different subject. When I emptied my drawer after my shower yesterday, I saw it was time to scoot off to the wash-machine. And so... ta da! Gary had clean t-shirts today!