Thursday, July 23, 2009

Matthew's Bookends

Scaer* pointed out that the Gospel according to St Matthew begins by mentioning that Jesus is the son of Abraham. What was the promise to Abraham? In you and in your Seed all the nations of the earth will be blessed. And how does Matthew end? Jesus tells His apostles to go and make disciples of .... whom? All nations. This gospel of the forgiveness of sins in Jesus blood is not just for the Jews, but is meant for the whole world!

As I was pondering the coolness of this, I came across the prayers in this morning's psalms. Psalm 132 speaks of the eternal covenant with David, the promise that his Son would be seated on the throne forever, that the Lord has chosen Zion forever, that He will make the horn of David grow.

So what are the words in Matthew 1:1 right before we hear about Jesus being the son of Abraham? He is the son of David too. And what are the very last words of Matthew's gospel, even after the next-to-last verse about "all nations"? That He would be with us forever. How 'bout that?

* David Scaer, Life -- New Life in Baptism, presentation to the Southern California District in 1967.

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