Monday, July 20, 2009

Rabbit Fence

Guts. Too many guts. On the corner of the driveway, tucked up in the sheltered corner between the living room and the garage. They draw ants when I don't dispose of the guts frequently enough. Oh, and they get stinky!

Loads of the neighbors have rabbit-fence around their gardens. I don't. And no nibbles, no damage, no problem. Nary a bunny to be seen in my garden.

Finally made the connection. All those huge guts must be rabbit guts. I thought they looked way too big for gopher-guts or sparrow-guts. Athena must be catching too many to finish them off completely as she usually does. I have found little bony legs -- she eats the meaty ones. She's not bothering with the less tasty bits of gut. And now I've been finding fur, which clinches the fact that it's rabbit she's been snarfing.

I was getting pretty irritated about all the guts I've been having to pick up (eeuuwwwwwwwww!) but I gotta admit it's a whole lot cheaper than installing rabbit fence. I hope Athena lives a good long --and hungry-- life!

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