Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lutheran Liturgical Congregations

For those who have been patiently (or impatiently) awaiting the return of the list,

and with much thanks to those who reworked the website and spent time inputting data and verifying that information was updated correctly,

Gary's website is up and running again.

In the past, some people put a lot more stock in LutheranLiturgy.org than they should've. Being listed on the website is no guarantee of a good sermon or excellent hymn choices. And there are good congregations out there which aren't on the list. But this list is a good starting point for those looking for a congregation to attend when away from their home church. Congregations on the list use the hymnal and have no "contemporary" worship, and they report that they practice closed communion and have no women assisting in the chancel.


  1. That's Good News! Even out here in Salt Lake City, where most churches (wards) are LDS, I got two hits on Lutheran churches close enough to where I live that I can check them out!

  2. You haven't found anything yet, Lisa? Oh man. Good luck with the ones you've found! Missing you here!