Friday, November 28, 2008

Today So Far

We're still reeling from the news yesterday that Nathan doesn't have a job after all.

We got up this morning to find three flat tires. Two on the Camry, one on the Mercury. Given which tires were flat, it almost looks like somebody was hiding between the two cars to let the air out on purpose.


  1. That's terrible! Were they damaged, or do they just need to be filled?

    That's such a nasty thing for someone to do...

  2. It appears that the tires are undamaged, and that the only problem is that the air was let out. I took the Camry (with the new tires) back to Chuck to see if there was something wrong. But when we realized that the other car had a flat tire too --and where they were in relation to each other)-- that's when we began to realize that 3 flat tires on the same morning is a bit much to be a coincidence. Right now I'm wondering if the kids who have been stealing things out of unlocked cars finally got to our house last night, found nothing in the cars worth stealing, and decided to do something else instead.

  3. Sorry to hear about the job stuff with Nathan. I hope that changes soon. We thought of them today when we drove past the exit for Fort Wayne, couldn't drop by though cause our already 14 hour drive would have ended up being 18 and we would be dying or something from exhaustion.

    Sorry to hear about the tires! I don't understand why people do those things.