Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seeing the Baby

Good news! Somebody got a job!

Not-so-good news. That means he will have to work and will not be able to come for Thanksgiving next week.

But there's a job! With a paycheck! Which will buy groceries and pay rent!

I've been noticing that all the people who say, "It's so great to be grandparents! Don't you just love having a baby around? Being a grandma is even better than being a mother!" are the people who actually live near their grandchildren.

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  1. Maybe it's a thanksgiving in Ft Wayne this year? :)
    My mom is going through the same thing with my sister being in Kentucky and my parents being in Virginia... it's not so much fun being away from the grandkid. Even as an aunt, it's not so much fun. Wish we were all closer.
    Webcams and skype work wonders! If you go to it's a free thing you can use to talk to Katie and them from your computer to their computer. And if they have a webcam and you have one then you can see each other as you talk. Webcams luckily are about $20.00 or so for a decent one. This is how my mother in law sees her little grandson who is in Maine.

    Hopefully this will only be temporary, and Nathan can get a calling here in Wisconsin.