Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seven Random Weird Facts About Me

Cheryl tagged me for a post that includes --well, how obvious is the title?-- seven random facts about me. And for some thoroughly bizarro reason, she expects me to come up with facts more fascinating then her factoids? Silly Cheryl....

1. I have fought and fought with the computer when it won't give me any sound for YouTube videos or for old Issues Etc programs that I am trying to listen to. When I ask my son for help, he again and again patiently explains that I must turn ON the speakers for the sound to come out. After being repeatedly embarrassed in front of him, I can now remember to turn the speakers on after only a few seconds of fidgeting with the computer, panicking over why the sound is "broken."

2. Whenever we move and find a new dentist, I must always explain my three broken teeth. Two happened in a "trust game" in grade school, and one happened when the neighborhood bully threw a rock at me and hit me in the face with it as I biked to school. Boy, maybe that explains why I don't think so much of either school socialization or "trust games."

3. When we started homeschooling, I was captivated by the ideas presented by Cornerstone Curriculum. (By the way, my opinions have changed.) I remember how they denigrated the Impressionists because that style of art was the first downhill step in moving away from exact depictions of reality, and moving instead toward feelings about reality. I knew nothing about art. We didn't do that in public school. But as we continued homeschooling, and discovered an art series that even I could understand, I discovered that I like the Impressionists. I felt guilty about it for a while. Sometimes still do. Nevertheless, I am crazy about Renoir's Luncheon on the Boat, and it hangs over my computer.

4. We've been doing most of our cleaning on Tuesdays for some reason. I told the kids that I wanted to spend two hours cleaning yesterday so that we wouldn't have that hanging over our heads while Paul is home for the weekend. So we did! Two hours! The house is by no means spotless or dustfree or cobweb-free, but it's perfectly decent. In two hours. If we can do that every week, the knowledge that it is ONLY TWO HOURS will make it so much easier to keep up with the cleaning.

5. Cheri told me it's time to change to a winter purse because mine is very summery, with a kind of "woven grass" look, in pastel blue and green and purple. And I have SO much fashion sense that I said, "Huh?" But she's right. But I still haven't changed purses. Probably won't.

6. When I was doing my exercise-walking yesterday, I noticed that my footprints in the snow are in a very very straight line. All that time on a balance beam in years past still leaves its imprint. [Pun! Ha!]

7. In high school once, I remember that my dad had told me I needed to wash the car one day when I had wanted to go do something with my friends. I was mad. If he was going to make me miss my event to wash the car, I would show him. I would just spend the whole day washing the car. I would polish the hubcaps, and I would dust and buff the dashboard, and I would vacuum under the seats, and I would clean out the trunk, and I would empty the ashtrays of their stash of gum-wrappers, and I would scrub all the stickiness and every smidge of dirt off the steering wheel. I would not only wash the car's outsides, but I would wax it too. Boy, that'd show him how upset I was that he interfered with my plans with my friends! (Now, if it were me as the parent, I would start interfering with my kids' plans a whole lot more if that was how my kids exhibited stubbornness! LOL!)

Okay, I'm supposed to tag some other people. How about Maggie and Maggie, Naomi, and Rick?

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  1. Don't feel guilty about loving impressionism. Last time I checked, art is supposed to be about feelings. Even photography is about evoking emotion, so I don't really buy the argument.