Friday, November 28, 2008

Gary's Doctor Visit

Last week he saw the doctor for a follow-up appointment regarding his hand injury. It turned out that during his six weeks of wearing the splint, the tendons did not reattach. When he saw the doctor a week ago, his finger was quite inflamed, somewhat swollen, and painful. It also happened that he'd injured his shoulder over the weekend. So that day he ended up with x-rays of both his shoulder and his hand.

Good news on the shoulder: the repeated damage to his left shoulder has left no signs of arthritis in it. Good news on the finger: no bone fragments floating around inside. Bad news on the finger: the options appear to be either surgery or just living with the pain until the non-healing tendons are rubbed numb and the nerves don't keep sending out pain signals. The doctor is looking into more information on the option of hand surgery.

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