Saturday, November 29, 2008

Today's Laugh

When my heart was breaking Thursday afternoon, I had some boys who provided some laughs that helped. Philip was showing us

There was the ad on the subway. Notice that the small-print at the bottom of the sign says the sponsor of the ad is a funeral home!

There's the menu at the Chinese restaurant.

There's the sign-board at Pizza Hut that makes you scratch your head over who designed the sign, and who actually executed the hanging of the sign without questioning the writer-of-the-sign.

For those who don't take time to click on links, one of the signs said, "Frozen water; works like ice; 99 cents."


  1. Thanks for the funny sign links! Problem is, I can't SEE the fine print on the first one (at least not without my glasses, which are not handy at the moment)!

    BTW, the link for the Pizza Hut sign is the same as the Chinese menu.

    And I understand if you don't want to share this here, but what happened with Nathan's job?

    I'm so sorry you had a downer of a Thanksgiving. :-( Consider yourself bear-hugged!

  2. Thanks, Cheryl. I think I've got the links fixed (and a notation about the small print at the bottom of the one billboard).

    Nathan was told that he had to work much longer hours than he was originally told, and daytime hours, which would've interfered with his sem classes and study.