Sunday, October 12, 2008


Two months ago, I quit jogging because of ramifications it was having for my health. After five weeks, the problems began to subside, presumably because the jogging was exacerbating certain unrelated problems. Oh, I sure did love having that half hour of free time each day. But I kept wondering what would happen to other aspects of my health (say, oh, lung capacity, energy levels, mood, endurance, etc) if I knocked off the daily outdoor jogging. Sure enough, I'm beginning to feel the repercussions of not-jogging now. Darn it -- I hurt if I jog and I hurt if I don't. That stinks.

Today I tried Sandy's race-walking again. I jog SO pitifully slow and shuffly that two miles of race-walking didn't take me any longer than my two miles of jogging. It sure is hard to keep my feet on the ground. It made me suck a lot of air and breathe deeply -- one of my main goals for exercising. Right now, though, I am sure feeling it in my hip joints. Yikes -- there are different muscles used in race-walking that are left flabby from jogging, and I'm going to be noticing those muscles and joints while they try to get "up to speed."

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